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Podcast Interview on "Psych Talk." Episode description: 

"In today's episode of Psych Talk I chat with Stephanie Lynn, a trauma & relational recovery coach, who is passionate about relational recovery and post-betrayal dating. Stephanie shares her own experience as a betrayed partner dealing with sex addiction and sexual fetishism of her ex-partner. Stephanie discusses what betrayal in a relationship may look like, what betrayal trauma is, and some symptoms of betrayal trauma, as well as warning signs that your partner may be betraying you. Stephanie discusses ways individuals can work through their betrayal and their betrayal trauma, as well as overcoming fears when it comes to post-betrayal dating."

Feel free to listen, click here.

Stephanie being interviewed by KayLee Dunn of Navigating Betrayal. Topic: Dating After Betrayal.

KayLee's Post: "The incredible Coach Stephanie Lynn (moderator in our group), a Certified Professional and Certified Grief Coach with a unique expertise in Partner Betrayal Trauma and Post Betrayal Dating! Trained in the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model and a graduate of Partner Recovery Coach training, Stephanie is your go-to for trauma-informed coaching on life, relationships, betrayal trauma, divorce, and post-betrayal/divorce dating. She's passionate about empowering women who've experienced betrayal and those looking to embrace the dating scene once again. Stephanie's original content serves as validation for what was lost, and she's your partner in goal-setting to help you reclaim it! Believe in the power of coaching and get ready to share your story with Stephanie. Join us for her life-changing presentation, "From Ashes to Safety: Post-Betrayal Dating," at the Love You Now Conference. It's a journey of healing, growth, and rediscovery you won't want to miss!"


GroupMe App: This is a free text app for betrayed women. I would like to let you know that you are welcomed to be yourself in there. Please vent to one another and feel free to offer support. You are able to edit your notifications as well. You are able to text anytime 24/7. With this being said, there may be some bad language and women with different beliefs. We welcome all women to join and be themselves, in a safe space where other women understand exactly what you're going through. Click here to join.

Phoenix Rising Facebook Group. If you need to post anonymously. A safe space for sharing with other betrayed women. Click here.


4th Annual Retreat. This is organized and ran by Michele Weaver. Faith based retreat location in Maryland. Read more about the upcoming retreat! Please keep in mind this is ran and organized separately from Coach Stephanie. Click here.

Betrayed women support group through The Naked Truth Project. Stephanie runs groups through the WholeHearted Programme. Please keep in mind this is ran and organized separately from Coach Stephanie. Signing up and questions should be directed to The Naked Truth Project. Click here.


Organizations and Websites supporting the fight against po*nography.

The Naked Truth Project: Facebook

Your Brain On P*rn 

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