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You don't have to do this alone.

Stephanie Lynn

Certified Professional & Recovery Coach

Sometimes life can throw so much at us, we can start saying things like "I never expected this, I'm not prepared!" I'm here to say that rest assured, I can support you! As a coach I can meet you where you are and help guide you towards a healthier future. I believe in an open and honest approach. I invite you to be yourself with me! 


Betrayed partner:

I know you want the hurt to stop. Maybe you are seeking all the facts, trying to figure it all out. You may be wondering if they will ever change, or do they understand the pain that this discovery has brought to you? Trust has now become a threat to your wellbeing, and you may start to wonder if you can ever let anyone else in. It's like you're on a never-ending roller coaster, you never purchased tickets for. I know you never signed up for this, but rest assured I have prepared to journey alongside you. I understand this road personally and am a partner sensitive coach. 

Relational recovery & couples:

Problematic Sexual issues have made its way into your relationship, and there is no room for it! While searching for resources and handling the stress of this trauma, please know that there can be hope in healing together! I come to believe with empathy, honesty a desire to heal, etc., couples are able to come away stronger than ever. Although coaching is not a guarantee, seeking tools for support is a great start.

Life coaching:

I am able to support in other areas of life as well. Life can occasionally throw curve balls that we did not expect. Allow me to listen to your situation, I will be in your corner so that you do not need to battle things alone. Let’s team up and see what great plans we can make together! Supporting with accountability, relationships, grief, self-care, boundaries, goal setting, family relationships and more.  

What I Specialize In

Partner Betrayal Trauma

Greiving the loss of a pet

Betrayed partners dealing with sexual fetishism

Post betrayal dating

Relational recovery

Brenda Hartley

"Steph has helped me before even becoming certified. I am very social media illiterate, but she has been friendly enough to teach me a lot and step out of my comfort zone. Although I only use social media for my self care online shopping, I just had to come and recommend her. I met her because of the issues that were going on and I have had the experience of working with her and making a plan to help me move forward in my life. She's helped me feel unstuck. I love the idea of having a coach, personally, because I feel I am able to set my on direction in life and have Coach Stephanie Lynn help make sure I get there!"


*Please don't ever let financial restraints prevent you from working with me. Sliding scale is available. 

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Certified Professional Coach

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