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Betrayal Trauma Niches

Stephanie is available for generalized coaching, betrayal trauma coaching, and comfortable supporting through additional betrayal trauma categories. She is a zealous supporter of betrayal trauma & sex addiction awareness and believes in speaking about taboo topics. Having gone through these experiences first-hand, she's able to offer true understanding and validation as you share your story.


Betrayed partners dealing with sexual fetishism:


In these cases, the sex addict is also incorporating a fetish with their acting out behaviors. This looks like an intense curiosity, interest and acting out with specific objects, body part or activity for sexual gratification. The betrayed person is left trying to process this “D-day” or discovery date with an additional layer of painful information.


Post betrayal dating:


This is a great option for women who have dealt with betrayal in their past relationships. This is coaching for women looking to date again, but with boundaries and plans in place! Stephanie’s original content helps bring awareness to what her clients have faced, and a reminder of their resilience! Her workbook is a great resource used in correspondence to her coaching sessions. The workbook is filled with validating exercises and truly rewarding once completed.


Disenfranchised grief: losing your pet:


If you have lost your pet or emotional support animal (ESA), then you may have found it hard to feel validated. This type of disenfranchised grief doesn’t allow bereavement from work. No funeral or memorial is planned and most just do not get it! For many of us, our pets supported us through our betrayal trauma journey and other difficult life moments. While many of us partners suffer the shame of being with a sex addict, we may choose to close ourselves off to family and friends. Our beloved pets were there as a physical non-judgmental best friend.

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